Gold Leaf Standard

Our Gold Leaf Standard assures you our companies are 100% guaranteed to have the highest quality products and are represented by the top hemp businesses 

in the country. 

Our professional staff is dedicated to research, accurate representation and education. I have certification from the Cannabis Training University (CTU) and completed graduate studies at North Central University (NCU) in medical family counseling. Training, and personal and professional experience provide a solid foundation for CannaBliss, a premiere shopping mall.


Research focuses on the numerous benefits of CBD on the endocannabinoid system found in all mammals plus the environmental impact of reducing our carbon footprint through use of hemp products. 

Accurate representation focuses on learning about and utilizing some of the thousands of uses for hemp for our health, clothing, pets, furniture, hemp kitchens and hemp home building.


Education focuses on the positive impact hemp products can have on our lifestyle, our mindful future and the health of our planet.  

Our blogs will share information, continue research and answer questions. This fascinating field is so diverse that your questions and unique interests are welcome, encouraged and will be addressed!